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Smart Contract Wallets (SCW) allows DAPP developer to bundle multiple transaction & pay gas fees for their users. You must create a SCW using our SDK for every user. The final bundled call will initiate from user's SCW. If you want to transfer the final assets to the user's current EOA, then you MUST send the transaction to transfer the assets from SCW to EOA separately.

To know how to create a SCW for a user see Dapp specific wallets.

Dapp specific wallets

Install our SDK using instructions here.

Initiate a wallet

Create a Smart Contract Wallet for a user. You MUST pass a signer while creating the SCW. The signer will have the custody of the SCW.


Works only on Goerli Testnet!, We will be releasing our next version supporting multiple chains soon.

import { Signer } from 'ethers';
import { SCWProvider } from '@cupcakes-sdk/scw';

* You can get signer using either the private key
* const signer: Signer = new ether.Wallet(privateKey);
* You can get signer if user has an EOA using
* const { data: signer } = useSigner();

/* Once you have signer & provider, create user's SCW */

* @param provder - any BaseProvider from ethers (JSONRpcProvider | window.ethereum | etc)
* @param signer - this will be the owner of the SCW that will be deployed.
const scwProvider: SCWProvider = await SCWProvider.getSCWForOwner(

Once the SCW has been initiated, you can use it as a normal signer with ethers/web3/etc to connect & send bundled transactions.

Executing transactions

You can get Signer from the SCWProvider we created above & start using it normally as you would use an EOA.

const scwSigner = scwProvider.getSigner();
const greeter = new ethers.Contract(

const tx = await greeter.addGreet({
value: ethers.utils.parseEther('0.0001'),

Bundling transactions

You can also send multiple transactions within a single transaction using SCW. Think of approvide ERC20 tokens & deposit them in a single transaction with a single signature from the users.

Read more about how here.


The transactions sent using ethers/web3/etc won't be by default bundled or sponsored. Use sendTransactions instead to bundle transactions, see Bundle Transactions. If you want to sponser, make sure you connect a paymaster, see Gassless Experience


Wallet is not deployed instantly, it will only be deployed once you do the first transaction, resulting in a higher gas fees in the first transaction. Though the scw address is deterministic and funds can be sent to the address.