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Gassless Experience

Cupkaes SDK will enable conditional gassless experience, which includes partial gas-sponsoring. This enables you to have complex integrations like: sponsoring of gas on ethereum upto $5 and 100% on L2/sidechain.

Before you can start sponsoring gas, you must deploy a paymaster contract. The paymaster MUST be staked & should have enough deposit to sponsor for gas. If the deposited amount becomes lesser than the gas required then your transactions will start failing.


Paymaster is a contract that sponsors gas fees on behalf of users. To know more about how it works, read in the architecture section.

To enable gas sponsoring these are the steps you must do:

  1. Deploy a paymaster
  2. Stake paymaster
  3. Register a webhook
  4. Integrate with frontend

Deploy a paymaster

Head to our website https://comingsoon@cupcakes and follow the steps shown in the video below to deploy your first paymaster.

Stake & deposit funds

Once you have created your paymaster, you will have to stake your funds. The Minimum stake as of now is x MATIC with a lock-in of 7 days. The stake is to make sure no fraudulant activity can be performed by the paymaster. The staked funds will be deductded if any such fraudulant activity is found.


You must have enough deposit left to cover for 100% of the gas fees even if you only want to sponsor a portion of it. If desposit is not enough, the transaction will be reverted.

Learn more about how your stake can be slashed more in detail here.

Register webhook

You will have to register a webhook, where we will be sending the POST request to verify the sponsoring of the gas.

The requst will have the following body:

"auth_code": "b110a339-ff6c-4456-8adb-b236a3da11d3",
"timestamp": 1662805504483,
"userOperation": {
"sender": "0xadb2...asd4", // Sender's address of the SCW
"maxGasCost": 123, // you can use this as the total of all the above gas breakup & use this to make decision of sponsoring
"paymasterDeposit": 123, // the amount of deposit left in your paymaster contract, you can send refill transactions using this if you want to
"paymasterAddress": "0x23rr...", // your paymaster contract address, you should send money to this address if paymasterDeposit is approaching zero
"transactions": [
// this is the array of transactions that your frontend SDK included for bundling
"to": "0x123..",
"value": 4, // value in ethers
"data": "0xadsf..." // call data your SDK passed
// The following fields are part of the UserOperation that will be used to generate signature, you can ignore these if you are using our paymaster SDK
"nonce": 123,
"initCode": "0xAxvd3r....adfsg4r", //init code, if not empty means that this wallet doesn't exist and will be deployed in this transaction along with executing the required transaction
"callData": "0xsdfdasf...000", // call data of the execution
"callGas": 123, // the amount of gas the main execution of transaction will take
"verificationGas": 123, //the constant amount of gas which is required to verify sender's ownership
"preVerificationGas": 123, // the constant amount of gas which is required by the bundler for processing the transaction
"maxFeePerGas": 123, // the maximum gas price, this depends on how busy the network is
"maxPriorityFeePerGas": 123 // the fee that will be used to tip the miner

You must verify auth_code to check if the call is from our service or not. You will see the auth_code once you register a webhook successfully.

You must return with a 200 code if you agree to sponsor the transaction. If you choose not to sponsor, you must return with a 403 - Forbidden status code response.

Integrate with frontend

You will have to connect your paymaster with the SCW you created in Wallets section.

import { PaymasterAPI } from '@cupcakes-sdk/scw';

// You can get the your API KEY when you create a paymaster, every paymaster has a different API KEY

/* Connect to us to get Paymaster URL & Paymaster API KEY */
const paymasterAPI = new PaymasterAPI(

/* Connect your paymaster to the provider */

/* Do transaction as normal */
const scwSigner = scwProvider.getSigner();
const greeter = new ethers.Contract(

const tx = await greeter.addGreet({
value: ethers.utils.parseEther('0.0001'),

/* Disconnect if you don't want to sponsor any further */